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"Karpman's deep understanding of the immigrant experience, the challenges along the way coupled with his distinctive descriptive writing style make this book a delight to read and re-read. Highly recommended!
"Richard" (Santa Ana, CA, US)
From the back cover:

"... Undaunted, she battled and pleaded for travel permit, loaded the children onto a hay wagon and headed east across Russia ...
The family survived wolves in the forests, mudslides in the mountains, hunger, anti-Semitism and storms at sea for five months.
This is their story of tears and laughter, of hope and despair, of hardship and success and of the culmination of her bravery and determination."
This short historical novel begins near the Belarus - Ukraine border in 1905 with the tragic death of a mother and her children at the hands of marauding Cossacks.

In the emotion-packed pages that follow, the author brings readers along on an odyssey of epic proportions.

Few who have read this book have not been compelled to rave and admit to tears and smiles from cover to cover.
Voy! The Russian Word for Wow!
Khana Karpman sheppards her six children ages two to twelve out of Belarus during World War I, across Russia and Siberia, through a portion of Manchuria to Vladivostok, by boat to Yokahama, across the Pacific and North America to Connecticut.

There she rejoins her husband whom she has sent to facilitate the fulfillment of her vision, a home free of religious hatred where the children, including the girls, could receive a quality secular education
Lenny Karpman
MD Cardiologist, Chef, Traveller, Food author
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