"Which breakfast delight is the real food bomb?"
July 7, 1975
When I left Brown University 50 years ago, I struggled with my desire to be a writer. The safer route seemed to be to choose a profession that might afford me the opportunity to write as an avocation.
I became a cardiologist and practiced my craft for more than thirty years at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. It was a most satisfying choice. I loved my work and continued to grow under the tutelage of gracious, giving patients. My writing was scientific at first, but expanded when I became editor of San Francisco Medicine and a part time restaurant reviewer for the Pacific Sun in Marin County.
I wrote personal essays, editorials, reviews and articles about the things I knew best, the philosophy and delivery of medical care (Served on the Council on Legislation of the California Medical Association and the Kaiser Permanente Legislative Forum), human rights (as a Commissioner for the Marin County Human Rights Commission), Civil Liberties (Sixteen years on the Northern California ACLU board and member of the Legislative Policy Committee, recipient of the Benjamin Dreyfus Civil Liberties Lifetime Achievement Award), travel (visited more than 80 countries) and food (catered for friends and non-profit fundraisers and apprenticed for a month in an upscale French restaurant).

My wife, Joan Hall JD and I live on a small farm in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. We are a refuge for a dozen parrots, a toucan, a flock of chickens, a pair of guinea fowl, six dogs, six cats, a koi pond, a finch, quail and parakeet aviary and a horse. We are gardeners, cooks, birders and golfers. She is a yogi, horsewoman, singer and artist. We have three children and six grandchildren.
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Lenny Karpman
MD Cardiologist, Chef, Traveller, Food author
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