My first book Chana's Legacy, was a gift to my father, Charley Karpman who was a marvelous story-teller. In 2002, his memory had started to succumb to Alzheimer's dementia. His mother, Chana Karpman, had demanded a prenuptial agreement with my grandfather in 1907. Her conditions were that he had to emigrate from their home in Russia to the United States after their children were born, to earn passage for the rest of them to follow.
She wanted her children, especially the girls, to have quality secular educations. Chana's Legacy follows their Odyssey by hay wagon through wolf infested forests, across Siberia and Manchuria to Vladivostok, Yokohama, Vancouver and Hartford, Connecticut.
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Lenny Karpman
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Noni, Baloney, Puddin' & Pie, is an anthology of travel and food personal essays, stories and factual articles, many of which had been previously published in magazines and newspapers. Noni is the name our oldest grandchildren called Joan when they began to talk.
Booklocker published the book on a print-on-demand basis. It remains available through their web site,, Barnes & and through your local bookstore which can order it directly from Ingram. It continues to garner favorable reviews and comments four years after publication.
She was a thirty-two year old woman traveling with six young children in pursuit of a dream. She managed to keep Kosher during the trip. Testimony to her tenacity and vision resides in Chana's Legacy. Dad was five when the trip began. It is unclear how many of the incidents were actual memory, and how many were oft-told family stories. I padded his tales with information from his two surviving siblings and from personal research, but tried to maintain his story telling style. I originally self published three hundred copies for family and friends, but word of mouth created more demand and it sold through Amazon, Booklocker and Barnes & Noble on line for a few more years. It is now out of print but is being considered for a screen play.